Providing life skills in culinary art and science

At the Taste Magician Culinary Academy, we deliver programs in Hospitality education that will enrich your professional life and prepare you for a challenging career in Culinary Arts, through a cutting-edge curriculum, designed to equip you with the skills required to succeed in a competitive environment. From the nuts and bolts of culinary arts to soft skills, personal grooming, communication skills to handling specialized hotel management systems and software’s, we provide skills for a comprehensive learning experience.

Life-skills Training

Preparing you for Life

A good life is a by-product of good decisions, and it starts with a healthy body that encapsulates a healthy mind. So, if you eat the right diet, you could have a healthy body and a sharp mind that will help you deal with challenge’s life sends your way. Not all of us have natural analytical and decisions making skills but we can certainly learn the process that can lead us to sound judgement and good decisions. To that end, the Taste Magician Life Skills course is designed to become the building blocks that allow students to think, analyse and find practical solutions to real world problems and situations.

According to the World Health Organization Life Skills is defined as “The abilities for adaptive and positive behaviour that enable individuals to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life” so, in keeping with this, our course is designed to include critical thinking, interpersonal communication skills along with coping and self-management skills. With cooking at the center of training, we creatively include all the aspects of life skills so students benefit from real life examples and hands-on training.

The Apprenticeship

Foundation Course in Food Production

The Taste Magician Foundation Course for Apprentices is designed to deliver education that both, enhances job performance and develops career prospects. It is specifically crafted to develop hands-on, practical job skills, by way of shorter highly-focused skills training required in the hospitality and catering industry.

To achieve this our syllabus is carefully developed to introduce apprentices to a range of food preparations, cooking and finishing techniques in order to provide in-depth knowledge that can support a culinary career and prepare our students to work in a professional kitchen. With focus on communication and the use of computers in a modern kitchen, the course is planned to address the concerns of the catering and hospitality industry.

Chef de Partie (CDP)

Intermediate Course in Food Production

The CDP course is designed to train students to deliver advanced culinary skills in a professional kitchen while supervising a particular area or station within the kitchen. The programme is designed to expose CDPs to a wide range of culinary skills and ideas that allow them to not only learn how things are done but understand why they are done in a certain manner. The training combines classroom sessions with hands-on practical skills development in the workplace. The program is planned in a manner to ensure students follow a structured path of learning so they can build their knowledge and skills from the basic to advanced level. With focus on team work while developing the self, the Taste Magician CDP course is designed to ensure career advancement as you grow in the industry.