Starting a food business is a lot more process driven than most people imagine. There’s a method to the madness, and that is what our team is adept at. We have systematized the madness to ensure no step of the process is overlooked during this exciting phase, so we can bring your vision to life.

From understanding your requirement, to researching the market, to conceptualizing, designing, planning and executing the project, we follow a step by step approach to ensure a smooth journey. Headed by our highly experienced Hospitality Gurus, our founding partners and a team of Michelin Star Chefs, we are driven by expert strategist and planners. The team at the Gourmet Gurus Ltd. are skilled & empowered to create and build you a brand, that will sustain for a long period, in the industry.

We are passionate and creative, and offer distinct solutions for different catering needs. We can work with you from set up to running the operations or we can work with you to fulfil a specific or bespoke need. The Gourmet Gurus Ltd., – hotel and restaurant consultancy is best suited for those looking to invest in new start-ups, or for ailing restaurant businesses that have operational difficulties and may need experienced and trustworthy support

Set Up & Plan

Market research : Understanding market trends and customer behaviour play a big part in the success of any venture. At Gourmet Guru’s Ltd. we adopt a data driven, analytical approach, so we can align client vision and desires to market trends in order to ensure longevity.

Financial feasibility: Is the key to success; it will make you take hard decisions on monies – plan resources, their replacement, and repayment modules to enable advance planning. We give you a practical project timeline and realistic revenue projections, so you can plan for a long term.

Concept development: This crucial step enables identify the kind of Hospitality Establishment you wish to have, as it will play a big role in determining marketing strategy. Marketing is key to the success of any project – without a proactive approach, most businesses fail to take off. We have the knowledge and expertise to help you plan and execute your marketing effectively.

Menu development: A defining aspect of the restaurant, the importance of the menu cannot be overstated as it determines storage capacity, equipment needs, staffing/training and marketing. Our team of top chefs will work with you to deliver a world class offer, by using their International experience and skills.

Space selection & design: Another important feature that impacts kind of equipment, menu offering, establishment size, seat number and determines kitchen size. Our expertise in the hospitality trade will come to good steed when we help you with aesthetic designs to save cost and space.

Legal & compliance: We assist to establish clean/transparent business – understand company registration, compliance, licenses required, so you work within the laws of the land for a hassle free operations.

Branding & Design

Branding help generate recognition, so it goes without saying that brands that are most widely recognized have a larger market share than the ones that are inconspicuous. Our expertise and extensive experience in this field helps us ensure that the projects we work with are well recognized and stand out amongst competition. We help you articulate and establish a brand identity by defining who you are, what you stand for, your customer, your mission and vision, which eventually defines all the visual elements of your brand. Additionally, our knowledge of the restaurant business helps us create exciting experiences through innovation and creativity that captures the spirit of the brand through the food, experience, ambience, location thereby, bring the brand to life

An offering without design is like food without salt. Design is an important element that helps to tie all the elements of the brand together. Our expert design team will help you so you can see your vision come to life.


Built on our expertise, knowledge and personal experience we offer feasible, practical solutions for the efficient running of day to day operations, in order to enable a successful business venture. We can run a business for you or just consult with you on a project basis – be it creating a standalone food business or building a franchise concept, our smooth operators have years of experience to deliver a unbeatable operation, using some of the latest technologies available.